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Chair & Executive Director

Kelly has been throwing knives since 2014 and started WWK in December of 2015.  She has competed in many in-person knife and tomahawk competitions, has organized several competitions including Michigan Throwstorm and Battle of the Blade Maidens, is on the IKTHOF Board of Directors and is a member of the Michigan Blade Throwers and FullTangClan.

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Vice Chair & New Divisions Director

WWK Women's Knife Throwing wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for Dawn's passion for introducing more women to the sport.  Dawn joined WWK in 2019, enjoys participating in competitions, is a member of Michigan Blade Throwers and FullTangClan and also runs the largest outdoor throwing range in Michigan, MBT Range.

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Melissa's passion for empowering women is showcased through her work as a Financial Advisor focusing on women and her many years of supporting WWK through her company sponsorship.  Melissa also enjoys entertaining and spending time on the shooting range.

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Event Administrator

Lexie Kasper has been a truly valued member of WWK since 2021. Upon joining, Lexie jumped in head first to be a new division president, join the planning committee for Battle of the Blade Maidens and on to lead the team that plans all WWK events.  Lexie is excited to attend and compete in off-site competitions as she "sharpens" her knife throwing skills

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Records Administrator

Lori joined WWK in 2021 as a new division president and quickly learned that she wanted to become more involved with WWK!  Lori uses her exceptional organizational skills and patience she has learned through years of teaching high risk teenagers to make WWK run more efficiently.

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Mentorship Administrator

Maria started throwing knives when she joined WWK in 2019.  She exhibited great bravery by attending her first competition only months after throwing her first knife, and since then has taken her love for knife throwing to the world of teaching others.  In 2021, she became one of the first WWK mentors and now is leading the mentorship team in training new mentors and throwers to help them with their skills.

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Event Coordinator

The best WWK events happen when Kandy is on the planning team!  In addition to knife throwing, Kandy has a passion for cooking, baking and event planning and brings an incredible skill set to the team to ensure that each and every WWK event is truly memorable!

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Mentorship Coordinator

Anne brings a unique style of throwing to the group.  In 2021, Anne mentored one of the largest WWK Teams in history and her dedication, skills and patience made her one of the most successful and loved mentors.  Anne regularly participates in the Aim Games and enjoys throwing at competitions.